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Our Refregiration Services

Our Specialisation in Refrigerator repair / Fridge repair

We're the premier and highly regarded marketplace for refrigerator/fridge repair services in Chennai, dedicated to linking individuals with authorized fridge repair experts.

Single door Fridge

Our refrigerator technicians possess extensive experience servicing single-door fridges, ensuring they are adept at handling any issues that may arise.

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Double Door Fridge

Our senior refrigerator technicians boast over a decade of expertise in effectively managing various types of double-door fridges.

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Inverter Fridge

We offer cost-effective servicing for inverter fridges, utilizing genuine spare parts backed by a warranty.

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refrigerator service in chennai
Sun Refrigeration

Fridge repair /service in chennai

Sun Refrigerator is one of the leading Refrigerator/Fridge service providers in Chennai. We guarantee to deliver our services with utmost appreciation and at a competitively low cost, right to your doorstep anywhere in Chennai. With people leading fast-paced lives, they require trusted and respected service providers to care for their home appliances like refrigerators, which are essential for maintaining smooth operations. A refrigerator plays a crucial role in storing perishable foods for extended periods, and its proper functioning is paramount to avoid inconvenience.

We perform all span work on time
We guarantee spare parts

Commion Issues

  • Very Noisy from Refrigerator
  • Water Leakage
  • Cooling Not Working
  • Refrigerator is not working
  • Power Supply issue

Why Choose Us

Qualified Tehnicians
Customer Support
Low Inspection Charge
Warranty for Service
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"Polite, professional, and knowledgeable technician. They dedicated time to explaining and addressing my inquiries, displaying remarkable patience in efficiently resolving issues. Refrigerator service charges were discussed over the phone before their visit. Despite surpassing my expectations, they graciously declined when I offered additional payment, accepting only the agreed-upon amount. I Highly recommend their services. Thanks to Sun Refrigeration.
" Sun Refrigeration Washing Machine Services stands out as the finest washing machine service provider in Chennai. Their professionalism, affordability, and exceptional service delivery truly impressed me. I recommend them to anyone in need of a washing machine, Fridge services, and AC Services in Chennai.
" Sun Refrigeration's work was truly exceptional—a testament to his professionalism, expertise, and integrity. Despite concerns about my 5-year-old Voltas AC issues, he easily diagnosed the problem and provided a solution, debunking suggestions of replacing the entire unit or limited lifespan. Thanks to his efforts, the AC now operates superbly. I highly endorse him for any AC-related concerns.
"Outstanding service by Sun Refrigeration! I've had my AC serviced three times before, but none of those experiences compare to this. The technician handles everything with such care as if he were the owner himself and shows great respect for the client. My AC is three years old and hasn't been working properly, making me consider buying a new one. However, after this service, it's functioning as if it were brand new. I couldn't be happier.

Brands We Service

We do all brands and all types of washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner service in chennai

samsung wahing machine & fridge repair service in chennai
toshiba wahing machine & fridge repair service in chennai
carrier wahing machine & fridge repair service in chennai
whirlpool wahing machine & fridge repair service in chennai
whirlpool wahing machine & fridge repair service in chennai
whirlpool wahing machine & fridge repair service in chennai
whirlpool wahing machine & fridge repair service in chennai
whirlpool wahing machine & fridge repair service in chennai

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